"Icons" -- 2013 -- Touchstone Gallery -- "For D.C.-based artist Steve Alderton, the human subjects of ICONS, his new figurative series exhibiting at the Touchstone Gallery, are less like realisitic representations than they are loose components of a still life painting.  Alderton strips his subjects down; the nonessential is cast off, the self is bared whole.  As a result. subjects rendered impressionistic in paints transcend the merely visual to reveal what Alderton the artist believes is the human essence: form and spirit."

Steve Alderton was born and raised in Northern Wisconsin; a fact made clear when looking at his beautiful landscapes: a deep green forest, an old family farm, a quiet home on a serene lake. His pastoral Midwest upbringing figures prominently into his work and resonates throughout every series he creates. His artistic propensities can be traced back to his first painting, created at age five, on the back of his pet beagle.

When Alderton moved to Washington DC in the 1980's, he refined his talent at the Corcoran School of Art and Design. It was during this period when he met the late abstract expressionist painter Helen Covensky, who became an inspirational mentor and close friend. Since that time he has exhibited at a number of Washington DC galleries, including eight solo exhibits at Touchstone Gallery since 1995.

Would they be labeled, his paintings might be called expressionistic, the strong brushstrokes and knifestrokes are often confined within geometric shapes; with color, a vibrant and critical component. Yet Alderton prefers not to tie his work to a concept or movement. The paintings, he believes, should speak for themselves while the observer nurtures his or her own internal connection with the art.

Additional imagery of his collection, as well as his press releases, can be found at www.touchstonegallery.com.


Additional quotations from recent press releases:

"Scapes" -- 2011 -- Touchstone Gallery -- "Expressions and micro-expressions are suggested by the use of loose, bold brushstrokes -- combined with the mere tilt of a head, the slight uplift of the corner of a mouth or an eyebrow, the set of a shoulder, the quick glare of an eye, a strongly turned back, and a sternly stoic chin.  The result is a portrayal of 'don't tread on me.'"

"Mirage" -- 2009 -- Touchstone Gallery -- "One landscape includes what appears to be two farm structures viewed from across a field; the hot, shimmering light of a summer's day has had its effects.  Another painting shows a cityscape, with a mass of loosely rendered buildings.  In both works, the atmosphere has seemingly blurred many of the specifics -- but there is enough information in the watery images to transfix and invite one in."